Tocqueville Members

2016-17 L’Ordre de Fraternité  Recognition of members who contribute $50,000 – $75,000 annually

Patricia and Rodes Hart (36 years)

2016-17 L’Ordre de Liberté  Recognition of members who contribute $25,000 – $49,999 annually

Robin and Bill King, Bank Director (30 years)

1 L’Ordre de Liberté member wishes to remain anonymous

2015-16 Membres de la Société  Recognition of members who contribute $10,000-$24,999 annually

Keith and Lisa Alexander, Enterprise Holdings (1 year)

Glenn Allison, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Chris and Markova Anderson, Enterprise Holdings (6 years)

Jane and Currie Andrews, Andrews Cadillac Jaguar Land Rover Nashville (14 years)

Trish and Nelson Andrews, Andrews Cadillac Jaguar Land Rover Nashville (14 years)

Kelvin and Sheryl Ault, PwC LLP (4 years)

Steve Barbarick, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Kurt Barton, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Karen and Todd Brown, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Rick and Pam Bryant, United Way of Williamson Co. (2 years)

May and John Bumpus,  (2 years)

Moira Corcoran Giles, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Anthony and Diane Crudele, Tractor Supply Company (10 years)

Brian and Michelle Evans, Tractor Supply Company (6 years)

Bob and Jen Fick, Enterprise Holdings (3 year)

Darren and Terri Gottschalk, Enterprise Holdings (11 years)

Cindy Harper, LBMC (8 years)

Kimberly F. Hatley, HCA (3 year)

James Hays, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Greg and Katrina Herman, LBMC Investment Advisors (3 year)

Paige Hill, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

John M. Laverty, HCA (3 year)

Mike and Karin Long, Enterprise Holdings (7 years)

Margaret Campbell Miller (1 year)

Jennifer and John Mize, State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Co. (1 year)

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Moore, Martin Ventures (25 years)

Steve and Laura Morris (15 years)

Steve and Laura Morrissey, Enterprise Holdings (6 years)

Braddock Nolan, HCA (1 year)

Karl Olsen, Tractor Supply Company (1 year)

John Ordus, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Benjamin F. Parrish, Tractor Supply Company (7 years)

David and Leigh Pickett, PwC (7 years)

Robert and Laura Pittman, PwC LLP (7 years)

Timothy Romero, Enterprise Holdings (1 year)

Tim Scarvey, HCA (2 years)

Nick Shackell, Enterprise Holdings (3 years)

David A. Shaffer, PwC LLP (7 years)

Dion and Susan Sheidy, KPMG (9 years)

Kevin and Christine Skold, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

Blake Stinnette, PwC LLP (2 years)

Dr. and Mrs. Ross Taubman, PICA Group (4 years)

Linda and Chris Taylor (3 years)

Shelley Brazeau Temple, Nationwide Mutual Insurance (1 year)

Clay and Kim Teter, Tractor Supply Company (6 years)

Connie R. Thurman (24 years)

Adam and Laura Wilczek (14 years)

Ken Wilmes, Tractor Supply Company (2 years)

12 Membres de la Société wish to remain anonymous

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