Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council teen volunteer teaches child to tie-dye.The Youth Advisory Council, or YAC (also known as United Way Clubs), is the teen outreach portion of United Way. There are clubs in every Williamson County high school and several private high schools. These teens make a difference in the community by getting involved in service projects and raising money for charitable organizations. YAC’s allocations committee chooses where their fundraising dollars will go.




Upcoming plans include:

July 2017
• Tie-Dye Day at Community Child Care

August 2017
• Leadership Development Training Day

• Leadership Meeting monthly at United Way of Williamson County office.

Are you or someone you know interested in joining YAC? We are currently accepting both general members and membership leaders. For details, contact your school’s teacher sponsor, email Leigh Elliott, or call (615) 771-2312.

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