What your United Way campaign pledge means

senior-with-walker-copySo you get to work one morning, check your email, and see that your company is holding a United Way campaign. There may be a cookout planned for you and your teammates, or there may be a silent auction or something similar. Sounds like fun.

You’ve probably heard of United Way, and you may have even filled out a pledge form a time or two—thanks to automatic payroll deductions, it’s really easy to just pick a dollar amount and forget about it until next year’s email.

The process may be simple, but your donation makes a huge difference in the lives of more people than you’ll ever know. When you’re standing in line at the grocery store, glance around at some of the other people in the store with you. Odds are, your gift impacts one or more of the people you see. Maybe that little boy with his mom a couple registers over receives tutoring after school each week. Maybe that elderly woman you passed at the door spends her afternoons at the senior center to keep loneliness at bay. Maybe the teenage boy bagging your groceries sees a behavioral health counselor at his school once a week.

Their needs are as varied as their individual stories, which is part of the power of your gift. United Way fights to remove barriers to learning, reduce burdens of financial need, and support the community’s most vulnerable. But there is no “One Size Fits All” solution. Through United Way’s partnerships with a variety of programs, your gift supports the areas of greatest need—that may mean providing meals for homebound senior citizens, preventing bullying in schools, or offering hope for an abuse survivor, just to name a few.

Who decides the areas of greatest need? Volunteers—community members like you with varying backgrounds and daily lives who know and understand the community and the challenges it faces.

When you give to United Way of Williamson County, know that your gift is creating lasting change in people’s lives and in the community as a whole and that United Way doesn’t exist without you.

United Way is more than a name or a nonprofit organization—United Way is the sum of every person who believes the only way to truly make an impact is to work together and LIVE UNITED.


Oct 11, 2016 | Campaign