Team-building benefits of employer-sponsored volunteering

Affinion at Franklin Boys and Girls Club 17 - Team-building benefits of employer-sponsored volunteeringWord is getting out about the numerous benefits for people who volunteer–everything from reducing symptoms of depression to improving cognitive function in older adults to learning new skills.

The benefits of volunteering, though, are not limited to the individual volunteers and the recipients of the services. Increasingly, companies are seeing how incorporating company-sponsored volunteer opportunities makes good business sense, too. These volunteer events not only provide positive brand exposure in the community, but they can also provide valuable team-building experiences that carry over into the workplace.

Here are just a few team-building benefits of employer-sponsored group volunteering: 

  1. Building bonds among employees

Volunteering with coworkers gives employees a chance to step outside the corporate hierarchy and departmental bubbles for a little while and get to know coworkers they may not routinely interact with. And as an added bonus, when coworkers can engage with each other more informally — which is often the case with group volunteer events — they are more likely to develop a stronger camaraderie that can translate into a stronger working relationship.

  1. Building collaboration skills

Group volunteer events give employees additional experience interacting with new and diverse teammates and community members while working collaboratively to accomplish a shared goal.

  1. Creating leadership opportunities

Volunteering can give employees the chance to step into leadership roles earlier than may be possible in the workplace, giving the employee a confidence boost and the employer insight into the employee’s capabilities.

  1. Healthier employees

Evidence is mounting that volunteering is not only good for your community, but it is good for your health, too, with benefits including stress reduction, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of depression, and even a longer lifespan. And when employees are healthier, they are more able to be fully engaged and more productive in the workplace.

  1. Happier employees

Group volunteer events provide fun and fulfilling experiences for employees, making for happier employees. And happier employees are more productive employees. Research shows that when employees are happier, they are better collaborators and more creative.

Are you interested in learning more about how United Way of Williamson County can help your company plan its group volunteer events? To learn more, visit or call (615) 771-2312.

Apr 11, 2017 | Volunteering

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