United Way of Williamson County announces 2017-2018 funding decisions

2017-2018 funding decisions by focus areaThe money, which donors gave to UWWC’s Community Care Fund during 2016-2017, will be divided among 46 partner programs that tackle local needs related to Health, Education, and Financial Stability.

This past spring, more than 60 community volunteers studied each program asking for funding. Volunteers reviewed previous results from the programs and also identified some of Williamson County’s most pressing needs before coming up with recommendations for each program’s funding. Why? To make sure our donors gifts make the most impact possible.

(Read more about this process.)

This year’s final funding decisions allocate $1,369,211 (68%) of the total investments to programs that focus on Health, $389,536 (19%) to programs that focus on Education, and $242,000 (12%) to programs that focus on Financial Stability.

What does this mean for our community?

  • Students will have prevention strategies in place to help address issues such as substance abuse and bullying.
  • People with special needs will have opportunities to foster independence.
  • Senior citizens will have access to nutritious meals.
  • Senior citizens will have safe environments to stay mentally, physically and socially engaged.
  • Children will have safe, enriching environments when not in school.
  • And so much more.

(See the amounts funded by agency.)


Jun 6, 2017 | Campaign