Workplace Campaign Spotlight: State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company

CommitteeState Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company, a 2016 recipient of United Way of Williamson County’s Best Campaign Award, brings high levels of engagement, enthusiasm and creativity in their support for UWWC.

“One of SVMIC’s values is ‘Service,’ defined as a ‘commitment to helping our policyholders, team members, and the community.’ We have chosen to focus our corporate philanthropic efforts on United Way,” said Linda Barnett, quality assurance team coordinator at SVMIC. “It is our belief that, in combination with contributions from others in the community, the money donated by our employees can be used to address more community needs.”

In 2016 alone, SVMIC and its employees raised $176,370 to support UWWC’s efforts in removing barriers to learning, supporting the community’s most vulnerable and reducing burdens of financial need.

Pageant Cast from AnneLeading up to their most recent campaign, SVMIC held a variety of special events, including an Eclipse Viewing Pack Sale, featuring eclipse glasses, MoonPies and SunChips. They then themed their campaign week, “Space: The United Frontier.”

“We kicked off the week with a quirky animated video of our CEO and co-chairs explaining why we were going into space,” said Barnett.

Throughout the course of the week, they had a Room Escape, a Trivia Game with a customized soundtrack, Bingo and a scripted, costumed Alien Pageant. Each day also featured a different dress-up theme. At the end of campaign week, they closed the office early and met at Crockett Indoor Arena for kickball, tacos and prize drawings.

“We are incredibly proud of the creativity that we were able to pour into this year’s campaign and of the prevailing enthusiasm generated within the company as a result,” said Barnett. “There was palpable momentum that made people feel excited to get involved, and we are so happy to have been a part of it.”

SVMIC’s support for the community goes beyond campaigns, though.

SVMIC and PICA at Second Harvest-29“We encourage our employees to volunteer during Days of Caring. We also have employees involved in United Way through the Citizen Review Panels, Board committees and as Board members,” said Barnett. “Our culture of service spills out into the communities in which we live through volunteering as Scout leaders, as agency Board members and other volunteer activities.”

Barnett described how SVMIC’s collaboration with UWWC has impacted SVMIC.

“Through our partnership with UWWC, our organization has been exposed firsthand to real, tangible needs in our own community. Because of United Way, we are now aware of agencies like STARS, My Friend’s House, Community Child Care, and Second Harvest Food Bank, and this has made us want to become more involved,” said Barnett. “United Way has helped us grow together as a company and to make us want to better ourselves by bettering the lives of others.”

Oct 17, 2017 | Campaign