January Twitter Chat Promotes Financial Stability

We had a great Twitter Chat this month, generating 733 tweets and more than 1.8 million impressions on the topic of financial stability. The monthly United Way Worldwide Twitter chats are a great way for local United Ways to amplify our collective mission and share the impact of our work within our respective communities. In coming together, we draw attention to important issues that deeply affect the livelihood of children, families, veterans, and seniors. United Way corporate partners and community supporters— in addition to those seeking a better understanding of United Way— often follow the monthly conversations.

Below is a recap of the Q&A-style chat, which highlights our (@UWwilliamsonCo) financial stability work.

Q1: How does your United Way define financial stability?
A1: Financial stability is the practice of identifying and supporting solutions that tackle the symptoms of poverty, and funding programs that help individuals and families move toward financial independence.

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Q2: What is your United Way’s most important financial stability initiative?
A2: Our #VITA program. Last year, filed tax returns grew by 19%. VITA volunteers helped 1,472 individuals and families file their taxes and receive $1,163,370 in refunds, with $406,601 in Earned Income Tax Credit.

Q3: What is your United Way’s best financial stability success story?
A3: Lisa initially visited the @GraceWorksTN food pantry for her family of 4, but learned they also offered financial counseling. Learn how Lisa broke through the cycle of debt: https://unitedtoact.org/stories/uwwc/lisa/.

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Q4: How many people has your United Way served through your financial stability work?
A4: Last year, Nerlande, along with 13,244 people, were empowered by our financial stability work. 2/3 increased their disposable income by accessing benefits and/or reducing expenses. Nerlande’s story: https://uwwc.org/2017/08/15/6548/.

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Q5. How is the government shutdown impacting your community?
A5: If the #shutdown persists our families will be most impacted by the loss of #SNAP. Parents have asked schools for free/reduced lunch to help cut expenses. We’re working with partners to expand resources for families.

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Q6: How has your United Way reached out to elected officials in support of financial stability?
A6: At the local level our county mayor, Rogers Anderson, supports our mission & initiatives. @UnitedWaysTN does a great job advocating for SNAP, which supports families as they move toward financial stability & independence.

Q7: Tell us about a volunteer that has helped your United Way with your financial stability work.
A7: We have great #VITA Free Tax Prep volunteers, and many volunteer year after year. In 2017, they received a @Franklin2morrow Civic Group Award for selflessly giving their time and knowledge in helping others.

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Q8: Share an example of news coverage your United Way has received for your financial stability work.
A8.1: @FranklinIS @Tennessean @franklinhomepg @brentwoodhomepg @thedailyherald @wherald help spread the word about our Free #TaxPrep program. Local #VITA coverage is especially useful for reaching rural families.

A8.2: Recent coverage by @franklinhomepg: https://franklinhomepage.com/vita-free-tax-assistance-sites-open-jan-26-in-williamson-maury-hickman-counties/.

Q9: Who are some of your United Way’s key nonprofit supporters and corporate partners for your financial stability work?
A9.1: S/O to our nonprofit financial stability partners: @AdultLearn_WCTN, @BeginAnewMidTN, Center for Living and Learning, Community Housing Partnership, @GraceWorksTN, @LASMTC, Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency, and @2HarvestMidTN.

A9.2: S/O to our corporate and gov’t financial stability partners: @IRSnews, @FifthThird, @FranklinSynergy, @MidTNElectric, @RepublicBank, and @WellsFargo.

You can financially empower Williamson, Maury, and HIckman County families by volunteering with our VITA Free Tax Prep program. Sign-up today!

Jan 31, 2019 | Financial Stability