Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Blake

We’re elated to kickoff a Volunteer Spotlight to honor the efforts of our amazing volunteers! Our Community Investments Panel is comprised of local volunteers that steer donor funds and community impact. Each year, when our giving campaigns wrap-up, about 70 volunteers gather to discuss critical community needs and how to best allocate donations to United Way partner programs. The volunteers break into three teams, and each team focuses on a United Way impact area: health, education, and financial stability.

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Peggy (right) volunteering with colleagues from Journal Communications during our 2018 Days of Caring.

Peggy Blake has volunteered with Community Investments (CI) for 14 years. She loves downtown Franklin, our year-round festivals, and our great restaurants! Although Peggy grew up in Nashville, she relocated to Franklin in 1990. “So, home is Franklin,” she says.

Peggy learned about the CI volunteer opportunity while working in other areas of United Way. “I was informed of this panel and asked if I would be interested to participate, and I continue to participate years later.”

The following Q&A provides insight into her volunteer experience.

Why do you volunteer with United Way?
I respect the hard work and responsibility that UWWC demonstrates in doing the best job possible in allocating funds. So, if I can volunteer to help needs be met in the community, then I am happy to do so. I come away from the Community Investments process feeling like I gained more from the process than what I was able to do for the process. It is a very humbling experience.

Once you began volunteering with United Way, what were you surprised to learn?
I was so impressed with the details and work involved in making sure the money donated to UWWC was allocated carefully. The commitment to serving the community’s needs is very impressive.

What aspects of the Community Investments process are challenging?
There are so many needs, and I wish there was an endless amount of money to respond to all the needs.

What part of the Community Investments process do you enjoy the most?
UWWC always thanks all participants for our time. But every year I participate, I come away with such a proud feeling to be part of UWWC, which is so responsible in allocations of funds.

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  • You’re welcome to join our Community Investments Panel. Please call 615-771-2312 to discuss the opportunity with a United Way team member.

Feb 1, 2019 | Volunteering