Mother Finds Lifelong Healthcare for Family

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Six years ago, Laura— a Spanish-speaking mother of two from Columbia, TN— struggled to find the proper pediatric care for her young children. Laura often faced a language barrier with care providers. As a whole, medical providers sometimes struggle with providing high-quality care for children whose parents have limited English proficiency. Laura was also unhappy with services that were presented to her 3-year-old son Jeffery— who at the time could not verbally communicate.

When Laura decided to seek another provider, a social worker introduced her to Mercy Community Healthcare, a United Way partner.

The family met Dr. Amy Vehec upon their first visit to Mercy and immediately feel in love with the healthcare center and their bi-lingual staff members. That day marked the beginning of Jeffery’s development.

“Dr. Vehec was very thorough and went over Jeffery’s complete medical record, including his visits and history with previous providers,” Laura recalls. “I remember her telling me that my son is now her responsibility, and that she would do everything she could to get him the services that he needed.” Jeffery immediately received coordination in speech therapy with area therapists, as well as occupational, physical, and feeding therapies.

One thing that makes Mercy unique is their commitment to compassionate, comprehensive healthcare. As a patient-centered, nonprofit healthcare provider, services are provided to all individuals and families regardless of their ability to pay. Dr. Vehec expressed this level of commitment through compassionate care, and over the last six years, she has remained true to her promise. Jeffery’s medical needs are always met, and the entire Mercy team cares about the entire family’s wellbeing. Richard, a dedicated care coordinator, checks in with Laura and her kids on a regular basis.

“Coming to Mercy and finding that complete care, in terms of not having to rely on a translator, has been huge for my family,” Laura says.

With coordinated services, Jeffery was talking by age 5. Today, he’s a bright, bi-lingual 9-year-old with significantly improved feeding ability and communication skills.

“I am eternally grateful for Mercy and every single person within the organization. Whoever hires the employees at Mercy does an amazing job because every person I’ve met has the same love and passion for what they do. I ask God that Mercy continues to expand and grow so that they are able to provide their services to all.”

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[Photo Caption – L to R: Richard Reyes, Frida (Jeffery’s sister), Jeffery, Dr. Amy Vehec, Laura]



Nov 20, 2019 | Health, Success Stories