Emerging Leaders United

- Emerging Leaders United
ELU members at mixer
ELU group at leadership mixer

ELU Board

Board Chair:
David Kelly

Stephanie Reese
Colleen Leiss
Kristen Coffman
David Kelly
Celeste Ware
Megan Pratt
Allie Arnette

UWWC Representative:
Sherry Coss

Emerging Leaders United (ELU), is a group of young professionals who share a passion for advancing social change by leveraging the power of United Way to connect, serve and lead. Members range in age from early-20s to mid-40s and are compelled to take a leadership role in creating healthier communities. Members grow personally and professionally through opportunities in volunteerism, leadership workshops and unique networking events.

ELU Members expand their network and enhance their skills by interacting with individuals in diverse fields and learning about United Way philanthropic partnerships. In ELU, members empower each other to share their time, talent and resources to effect lasting change in the community. ELU members are community-minded professionals who want to connect with like-minded peers, serve their community and become leaders in giving. To learn more about Emerging Leaders United and how you can join please contact Joy Lehmann or call 615-771-2312.


Applicant Qualifications

  • United Way Leadership Donor ($500+ per year)
  • Endorsed by employer to dedicate necessary time/energy to the program
  • Commitment to attending and participating in scheduled events