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The Doyle Family

The Doyle Family

After years of household discord, Lori Doyle says her family has beaten the odds.

Lori and her husband, Derrick, met when they were 16 and married at 19. The couple soon after started a family, but the family got off to a rocky start, experiencing problem pregnancies with both of their two children, Cortney and Cameron, and the loss of Lori’s father while she was pregnant.

“Stress became normal to us very early in the marriage, and I noticed that Derrick would become angry, sometimes with bouts of rage, and I would become reactive and fearful,” said Lori.

This pattern continued for more than 20 years.

In 2005, Cortney and Lori were hit head-on by a drunk driver and both suffered traumatic brain injuries. By 2007, Derrick’s family business closed down, and the discord within the family reached a crisis point.

That was when the family sought the help of a local counseling program, which through funding from United Way of Williamson County is able to offer a sliding-scale fee structure for patients.

“The counselors at the center assisted us with a separation and helped us set boundaries and a safe setting as the four of us began individual counseling,” said Lori.

After the couple had been separated more than a year and were scheduled for divorce, Lori began to notice changes in Derrick as he worked with his counselor.

“As progress continued to be made, we canceled our divorce hearing and decided to try once again to make our marriage work,” said Lori. “There have been many hours spent changing patterns in our relationships, gaining understanding of one another’s difficulties and not only understanding, but seeking to help one another heal.”

A strong family unit contributes to increased financial stability and improved health and relationships, even for future generations. The adjusted counseling cost makes it possible for an entire family—both individually and collectively—to get the help needed to make restoration successful.

“We are no longer a number adding to the statistics of broken families, but are in the top 3 percent for being a restored family learning to live productive lives,” said Lori.