Full Tummies, Warm Hearts

Full Tummies, Warm Hearts is an annual Thanksgiving food drive. Full Tummies began through the vision of a few women sitting around a table in conversation about our community. Members of the Patricia Hart Society women’s group launched the food drive to assist individuals and families in Williamson County who do not have the means to serve or enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

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How does Full Tummies, Warm Hearts work?

United Way corporate partners, as well as individuals throughout the community, “sponsor” individuals and families. Sponsors donate food, time, and resources to provide food boxes to hundreds of (anonymous) families. Boxes include nonperishable food and gift cards for perishables, plus anything the sponsor would like to include, such as warm socks, games, treats, or holiday decorations. Volunteer drivers load and deliver the food boxes to local schools and nonprofits, who then pass on the boxes on to recipient individuals or families.

How many people were helped in 2018?

We’re grateful for all of the corporate and community sponsors and volunteers who generously gave their time and resources last year to provide 878 local families with a great Thanksgiving meal. Workplaces, civic groups, churches, schools, families, and individual supporters came together to help ensure 3,674 people celebrated the holiday with a “full tummy” and a “warm heart.”

We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving as well! Check out photos from last year’s Full Tummies, Warm Hearts activities.

How can I help?

  • You are welcome to sponsor one or more families.
  • You can make a donation toward supplying food boxes.
  • You can volunteer to load and deliver food boxes on Thursday, November 21. Volunteers will gather between 6:45 –7:00 am at the United Way office and will be provided with pick-up/delivery instructions. Donuts, coffee, and juice will be served. Volunteers will depart our office around 7:30 am. The delivery schedule typically wraps up by 1:00 pm (or earlier). If you’d like to join us, please share your name, email, cell phone number, and vehicle make/model with Tricia Allison, tallison@uwwc.org or 615-771-2312.


Contact Tricia Allison at tallison@uwwc.org or 615-771-2312.