United Way of Williamson County announces $2 million in Community Investments


July 11, 2016

United Way of Williamson County’s board of directors recently announced the recipients of more than $2 million in program grants for 2016-2017.

“These investments are the culmination of the work of 70-plus volunteers who visit and study local programs to determine what will best serve our community,” said John Bumpus, Allocations Committee Chairman and Executive Vice President of LifePoint Health. “The needs in one community may not be the same as the needs in another. Because our volunteers live and work in Williamson County, they bring a first-hand perspective to the decision-making process regarding which programs best meet the needs and address the specific challenges facing our county.”

Volunteers studied applicant programs to determine which would create the strongest impact on the individuals who comprise Williamson County and on the community as a whole. This year, volunteers allocated the most funding for Health-related programs at $1,381,911, or 69 percent of the total funds. These programs support the most vulnerable, providing access to health care, therapies, in-home assistance and supports needed to improve wellbeing and safety.

Education programs received $388,036 – 19 percent of the total fund – allocated to programs that remove barriers to learning and prepare students for successful, independent and productive futures.

Income-related programs help community members build more stable lives through job skills training and additional resources to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. This year, volunteers allocated $230,500, or 12 percent of the total fund, to local income-related programs.

With each of these investments, United Way of Williamson County’s Community Care Fund is investing in long-term, sustainable improvements for the community’s collective well-being. To view the details of this year’s community investments, visit  uwwc.org/communityinvestments.

About United Way of Williamson County

United Way of Williamson County is committed to creating real change and measurable improvements in the day-to-day lives of thousands of people. We bring together people, companies and organizations from across our local community to focus on education, income and health – the key building blocks to a good life. Serving Williamson County for 55 years, United Way of Williamson County works to inspire acts of caring, deliver hope and improve lives. When we work together to advance the common good, we LIVE UNITED. To find out more, please visit uwwc.org or call the office at 615-771-2312.