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Regaining Stability to Move Forward


Jeannetta Day 1

Jeannetta Day

In 2000, Jeannetta Day decided she was ready to move into the country after living in Nashville for 28 years. Her daughter, grown with children of her own, had already been drawn to Williamson County by the quality schools. Jeannetta, who had a good job at the time, decided to buy a home in Spring Hill. Just two years after buying her home, though, she became sick with a serious illness that made it difficult for her to hold down a job.

“I’ve really struggled trying to stay in that house,” said Jeannetta. “I was sick and just trying to make my house payment and keep food on the table.”

As she struggled to stay in her home, she was able to turn to a United Way-funded program for food and emergency assistance to stay afloat.

“When you’re in that situation, any kind of help is going to give you a leg up,” she said.

Now, still in her home, Jeannetta has finally found treatment that works for her illness and she is working to rebuild her life. Jeannetta is re-acquiring valuable job skills through a part-time job with a local nonprofit.

The 67-year-old said she plans to use this experience to build her resume to find similar, permanent work.

Fortunately, these resources are available within the Williamson County community to help individuals and families find stability during times of upheaval. Everyone benefits because stable households lead to a stronger community.

“It was nice to know they were here,” said Jeannetta.


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