Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition

The Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition (WCADC) is dedicated to making parents aware of substance abuse among children ages 14 to 18 in Williamson County. The mission of WCADC is to implement effective strategies that prevent substance abuse in Williamson County by building strong partnerships to help support a healthy, drug-free community.

Did you know…
Williamson County leads the state and the nation in percentages for excessive drinking among teens.
14% – Williamson County
9% – Tennessee
8% – Nation

The annual use of alcohol for 9th and 11th graders in Williamson County is 38%.

The annual cigarette use for 9th and 11th graders in Williamson county is 21%.

19.5% of 9th and 11th graders are using alcohol at a friend’s house.

8.7% are using tobacco at a friend’s house.

5.6% are using prescription drugs at home.

If you are interested in learning more about the Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition or would like to help with this work, please contact Kim Tyner at ktyner@uwwc.org, visit wcadctn.org, or call (615) 310-6391.